Michigan Court Rules Collaborative Marijuana Growing Illegal

 by lucy

On Wednesday in a unanimous decision, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the state’s medical marijuana law does not allow for collaborative marijuana growing.

The decision was made in the case of Ryan Bylsma, who provided warehouse space to other medical marijuana caregivers to grow their medicine.  Bylsma was charged when Grand Rapids police found 88 plants during a raid at the building.  Bylsma is a state approved caregiver, which gives him the right to grow 24 plants at a time.

The additional 64 plants belonged to other caregivers who kept their plants in the same warehouse.  Kent County authorities said the arrangement was illegal, and yesterday the Supreme Court upheld that decision.

According to the court, Bylsma “exercised dominion and control over all the plants in the warehouse space that he leased, not merely the plants in which he claimed an ownership interest.”

Defense attorney Bruce Alan Block said, “They have broken new ground.  It was not clear if you could grow together.  It would have helped if Mr. Bylsma had this opinion in 2010.”

The court has sent Bylsma’s case back down to the county court to allow the caregiver to establish a new defense.

This is one of many rulings that have come down recently regarding Michigan’s medical marijuana law.  Passed in 2008, many feel the law has too many gray areas and loopholes.  State courts are now working to clarify the law.



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    Elvers said on Dec 20, 2012

    if he is a known care giver what were they going after him for ? and he has space in a warehouse to rent to other care givers if there license'd by the state , what's wrong here ?!!!

  2. 1

    MACVISHION said on Dec 20, 2012

    fuck johnny law and his crooked ass ways

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