Michigan Judge Throws Out Charges Against Medical Marijuana Employees

 by lucy

A Lansing, MI judge has thrown out all charges filed against four people who were arrested while working at two medical marijuana collectives.

District Court High Judge Hugh Clarke Jr. issued a 19-page opinion dismissing the felony charges filed against four employees of HydroWorld in Lansing.  Clarke said that Michigan’s medical marijuana law “screams for legislative clarification in numerous areas.”

Clarke continued that “absent that clarification, this court concludes that the transactions that took place here were undertaken in accordance with the law.”

The four individuals were originally arrested after police officers conducted undercover purchases of marijuana without state-issued marijuana cards.  According to testimony, the officers filled out applications for the ID cards and a doctor approved them without ever seeing them.

Based on a Michigan State Court ruling, doctor certification “is sufficient to allow medicinal marijuana if, for whatever reason, the qualifying patient has not obtained a registry card,” Clarke explained.

The charges were initially brought forward by the office of state Attorney General Bill Schuette.  They are now considering an appeal.

The defendants, Zebediah Dewey, Daniel Corbin, Rick Gouin, and Michael Lewis Jr. have had all charges dropped, and HydroWorld’s owner Danny Trevino sees this as the ultimate victory.  “It’s not the state that makes you legal, it’s the doctor,” Trevino explained.  “I’m more than 100 percent confident that if we went to trial, we would have won.”

A number of portions of Michigan’s medical marijuana law are currently under examination in various court cases.  The state Senate may look at changes geared toward clarifying the law during their final meeting days before the year ends.



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  1. 2

    michiganja said on Nov 28, 2012

    danny trevino is a legend, a true OG, everyone do your research on him

  2. 1

    Mike-420 said on Nov 30, 2012

    Victory! and for once a fucking judge in michigan with his head on right!

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