Michigan Medical Marijuana Collectives Raided

 by lucy

On Wednesday, three medical marijuana collectives in Springfield, Mi. were raided by state troopers and undercover drug officers for allegedly violating Michigan’s medical marijuana law.

Officers started the raids around 10:45 am at The Karmacy, then headed to the Southwest Compassion Care Center and Happy Daze.  All are located in Springfield.

Warrants were obtained to search the locations as well as two homes where the managers of Karmacy lived.  A final search warrant was obtained so officers could get information about the licenses and financial records of the businesses from the offices of the city of Springfield.

According to Detective Lt. Wayne Edington of the Michigan State Police Southwest Enforcement Team, the raids were the culmination of a 2012 investigation because “all three were operating outside the scope of the medical marijuana law.”  Investigators believe the business owners were not in compliance with Michigan’s medical marijuana law because some caregivers and some patients did not have the proper documentation.

Investigators have alleged that undercover officers were able to purchase marijuana at the businesses, but an attorney for The Karmacy said that is impossible.

“We would welcome undercover officers to come in,” said attorney Bruce Leach of Grand Blanc. “They would see that they were operating the way they were supposed to. The officer would be required to be a member and obtain medicine from his care giver.”  Owners from the other two collectives concurred– if an undercover officer purchased medical marijuana from their collective, they did so with a valid recommendation and registered as is required by law.

Leach argued that The Karmacy is following the law and has changed operations to comply with changing interpretations of Michigan’s medical marijuana statute.

“The prosecutor doesn’t believe they are complying with the law but we are confident in our defense. They did not break the law. And if he wants to test the waters he will find out.”

No one has been arrested in connection to the raids, but it is expected that charges will be filed.



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