Montana Judge Blocks Part of Medical Marijuana Law to Help Patients

 by lucy

Judge James Reynolds has blocked parts of Montana’s new medical marijuana law… again. Reynolds believes that the 2011 changes to the state’s medical marijuana law would harm patients because many caregivers would be forced to go out of business or downsize the number of patients they can provide medicine to.

The 2011 law limits caregivers to having three patients and doesn’t allow them to make a profit.  These changes deterred many caregivers, who could no longer make a living off of their medical marijuana business.

Judge Reynolds issued his ruling late Wednesday night after the Montana Cannabis Industry Association sought the preliminary injunction while it works to fight the law in court.

Reynolds made a similar ruling in June 2011.  The Montana Supreme Court sent the ruling back down to him, asking him to evaluate the case in a different way.  His decision remained the same.

During the November general election, voters had the chance to deny the law and have Montana’s medical marijuana law revert to the original one, which was passed in 2004.  57% of voters voted in favor of changing to the new, more restrictive medical marijuana law.



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    Nadroj said on Jan 17, 2013

    Legit! Now if only i could qualify as a patient under these strict fucking laws :(

  2. 0

    HumCoast said on Jan 17, 2013

    @nadroj, I'm curious what do they consider a qualifying patient as, is it only deadly illnesses or something?

    • 0

      Nadroj said on Jan 17, 2013

      You just need very thorough and up to date documentation of your condition… and since i dont suffer from any particular condition i cannot qualify.

  3. 0

    HumCoast said on Jan 17, 2013

    In Vermont, they have a ridiculous 1000 patients state max limit!! Could be 2000 suffering people, I wonder if they've hit the celine mark yet and how many other people are denied care?!

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    MACVISHION said on Jan 17, 2013


    nadroj still SOL


  5. 0

    HumCoast said on Jan 18, 2013

    Lol there's Mac

  6. 0

    GGLynzee said on Jan 18, 2013

    Lol Mac. I was thinking the same thing. Nad if you have NO conditions then why would u need medicine ;)

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