Nevada County, CA Marijuana Growing Ordinance Delayed

 by lucy

After 6 hours of presentations and deliberation, the Nevada County, CA Supervisors have decided to delay voting on a medical marijuana ordinance until May 8th at the earliest.

The board agreed that some sort of medical marijuana ordinance is necessary, but there is still debate over whether an immediate ordinance should be enacted, or if they should move forward with a regular ordinance, which would go through a number of hearings before being put into place.

The proposed cultivation ordinances would require registration of marijuana cultivation operations, put limitations on their square footage, and ban indoor grows in the County.  During the discussions, there was debate about the proposed 75-square-foot grow limit because some supervisors thought that limitation was too strict.

Ultimately, the ordinance is not meant to punish marijuana growers, but it is meant to set concrete guidelines for them so people operating outside of the guidelines can be dealt with individually, rather than the whole group being looked at in a negative light.  It is also meant to protect neighbors and communities.

If a regular ordinance is passed on May 8th, it will take effect at the end of June.



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