New Data Released on Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients

 by lucy

Medical marijuana was legalized in Arizona in 2010, and the Arizona Department of Health Services has now released new data on the state’s patients.

Since its legalization, over 22,000 patients have received recommendations to ingest the drug to help with their serious ailments.

New data shows that almost 75% of the state’s medical marijuana users are male, and almost 85% of patients have requested to grow their own medical marijuana at home.

The majority of users are between the ages of 31 and 50, and patients age 51 to 81 make up 35% of the patients in the state.

In response to the age statistics, Will Humble, director of Arizona’s Department of Health Services, explained, “the fact that we’ve got an older demographic tends to make me think that we did a decent job.  When you ad up the folks older than 41, it’s well over half of the participants.  That doesnt mean there’s not recreational users in that group, but as you get older, you do tend to get more debilitating medical conditions, so I’m encouraged by that.”

The majority of medical marijuana users in the state reported chronic pain as their medical condition.  Muscle spasms were also high on the list.  Other health issues reported were hepatitis C, cancer, and seizures.

While medical marijuana supporters are pleased with the statistics, opponents of the drug are finding the statistics discouraging.  Chairwoman of Keep Arizona Drug Free, Carolyn Short, believes that the data suggests most patients are faking or exaggerating their medical conditions.  She also believes that the data shows that nearly all medical marijuana patients in the state are substance abusers.

Short explained, “Do I think there are people who aren’t sick who are on that list?  Absolutely.  I think that people out to listen to their doctors instead of drug dealers.”



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    Elvers said on Mar 20, 2012

    I do listen to my dr and he inturn listens to me as well. I’m one of those who has seizure problems. and I’m 65 she needs to get off her high horse. in case

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    gumbohead said on Mar 20, 2012

    yah shes does, shes prob one that thinks pills is the cure for everything!! smoke on :)

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    AZDank420 said on Mar 21, 2012

    I just wish they would mind their own business… Some of us need this medicine, leave us alone and go stop all you teenagers from talking Xannax, percocets and oxy.
    I’m one of the patients…25 years of age, Look perfectly fine, but I need cannabis because when my crohns flares up, i feel like death. and the only thing that has helped has been Arizona’s new MMJ law. I’m very thankful I have the opportunity to have access to my medicine and I will make sure I fight against miss Carolyn Short


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    Guitarist4life2 said on Mar 21, 2012

    yea she does need to get off her high horse, I live in California and im 25 and i also have inflammatory bowel disease and i also might look perfectly fine but im not and i cannot stand when they say most people who have a medical marijuana card are also substance abusers, whether that is true or not, thats gives her no right to make those accusations because who is she to tell someone their not sick when they feel sick? and another thing everyone that takes prescription drugs are also substance abusers if not abusers of that prescription their on and i bet the we can all say the same thing about prescription pill patients because I bet most of them don’t have serious symptoms and if they do their probably making it seem more serious than it is…haha my point is we could make the same argument about the “TESTED LEGAL SAFE PILLS” that no one dies from (being sarcastic). and plus i just heard on the LA times that a doctor in california was prescribing prescription pills to three people that died from abusing the pills and now shes in jail so if that doctor was doing who nows how many others are doing it…its just sad that we still have people thinking up is down and down is up..and its all because they want more and more money.

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