New Hampshire Nears Medical Marijuana Legalization, Still Faces Hurdles

 by lucy

Just days after Connecticut legalized medical marijuana, New Hampshire is taking steps to do the same.  The efforts to pass Senate Bill 409, a medical marijuana legalization bill, are only 2 votes short at present.

Bill sponsor Senator Jim Forsythe said on Wednesday that two senators changed their position and voted in favor of the bill, making the bill only need two more votes in order to be passed.  The two senators who changed their stance were Fenton Groen and Senate President Peter Bragdon, both Republicans.

Bragdon is one of the highest ranking senators in the state.  Two of the state’s leading Republicans are also in favor of the bill, giving Forsythe hope that other Republicans will follow their example.  All five Democrats in the senate have already voted in favor of the bill.

The bill will now go to the desk of Governor John Lynch, who has previously promised to veto the bill.  If/when Lynch vetoes the bill, it will then go back to the Senate, where it will need a 2/3 majority to pass.   That means that 16 senators must vote in favor of the bill.

The Senate already fell three votes short during an initial vote in March, but Forsythe has worked diligently to educate opposing senators about the bill in hopes that they would change their views.  A date for the Senate’s veto day has not yet been set.





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    Elvers said on Jun 10, 2012

    when a federal Judge put's his life on the line why can't you republican officials do the same.!!! shame on you.Gustin L Richbach has got cancer and his body reject's the drugs so he has to smoke marijuana in order to eat and sleep and in time will knock down some of the pain if there is any. so get off your high horses and do something right for a change.!!!

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