New Hampshire Senate Unable to Overrule Medical Marijuana Veto

 by lucy

After Governor John Lynch vetoed New Hampshire’s medical marijuana bill last week, there was still hope that the Senate would be able to garner enough votes in favor of the bill to override the Governor’s veto.  However, today the Senate failed to have enough votes in support of the bill, meaning that the veto will stand and the bill will not become law.

New Hampshire’s medical marijuana bill would have allowed patients with debilitation conditions and their caregivers to cultivate and use marijuana legally.

Lynch vetoed the bill because the felt that the system was too difficult to regulate and there would be an overabundance of unchecked growers cultivating cannabis throughout the state with no way to monitor where their crop was going.

In order to overrule the veto, the Senate would have needed a 2/3 majority vote.  During the vote today they failed to reach the 2/3 majority.



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    KushBowlzz said on Jun 29, 2012

    John Lynch can suck my balls :)

  2. 0

    said on Jul 7, 2012

    oh no a bunch of "unchecked" farmers growing some hippie grass so they can sit around get high and enjoy life…sounds atrocious. i think we should outlaw all plants. we should prolly invest more into the industrial war machine..and go colonialize the world..Yeah our government is leading us alright..strait into the salt mines..

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