New Hamsphire to Hold Medical Marijuana Hearing Today

 by lucy

On Thursday, the New Hampshire House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee is holding a hearing on a bill that would legalize the use and possession of marijuana for medical purposes.

The bill would allow doctors to recommend marijuana for their patients’ illnesses.  Patients could then grow the marijuana themselves or designate a caregiver to grow the marijuana for them.  The bill would also allow up to five “alternative treatment centers” to dispense medical marijuana to patients.

Representative Donna Schlachman, the bill’s sponsor, believes the option to grow marijuana or purchase it from a treatment center is critical to help the most possible people throughout the state.

The Committee will gather public feedback on the legislation to legalize medical marijuana use by individuals with debilitating diseases.

Marijuana-related bills have struggled in New Hampshire in the past, with former Governor John Lynch vetoing medical marijuana measures in 2009 and 2012.  However, the state’s new Governor, Maggie Hassan, has supported medical marijuana in the past.  Hassan has said in the past that she would support a highly regulated medical marijuana system in New Hampshire.

A recent poll showed that 79% of New Hampshire voters support medical marijuana legalization.  New Hampshire is the only New England state without a medical marijuana program.



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