Oregon Hospital Changes Transplant Rules Relating to Marijuana Use

 by lucy

Oregon Health and Science University Hospital (OHSU) in Portland has decided to ease their rules relating to marijuana use and organ transplants.  In the past, the hospital required six months of negative drug tests before a patient would be allowed onto the waiting list for a liver transplant.  Now, under the updated rules, marijuana users are allowed to enter the waiting list as long as they have a single drug test that turns up negative.

This new rule applies to liver, pancreas, kidney, and heart transplant patients.  It also applies to the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which is the only other facility in the state to perform liver transplants.  Doctors decided to change the rules after seeing responsible medical marijuana patients turned away from receiving transplants.

According to Dr. Willscott Naugler, a liver specialist and medical director for the liver transplant program at OHSU, “If you had a beer last weekend, no one would say you are an alcoholic.  You might be.  But it doesn’t mean you are.  We have taken the same approach to marijuana.  If you had it last weekend, you may not have an abuse problem.”

Currently, there are no federal guidelines related to medical marijuana patients and organ transplants.  Each hospital is allowed to determine their guidelines.  This has led to issues recently for patients in California, who have been denied life saving transplants due to their medical marijuana use.

Each year, OHSU performs approximately 60 liver transplants, 100 kidney transplants, 14 pancreas transplants, and 20 heart transplants.



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    jibsnmoney said on Jul 20, 2012

    Fuck yeah

  2. 1

    Max_Freedom said on Jul 20, 2012

    It's still an asshole rule to require even one negative test, especially when the state allows the use of Medical Marijuana. This also encourages the use of liver-destroying pharmaceuticals over Medical Marijuana. Completely stupid.

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    Max_Freedom said on Jul 20, 2012

    I would like to point out to Dr. Naugler that Oregon has no Medical Beer program, and that beer is a totally different thing with no medical value.
    They are denying life saving transplants to people following the State of Oregon's own medical laws.
    That's like testing chemo-therapy patients for chemo-therapy medicine, and denying them chemo-therapy treatment if they turn up positive.
    They're killing people due to arbitrary rules created out of ignorance and greed.

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    BA said on Jul 20, 2012

    Still stupid that they have to pass a drug test.

    They could be addicted to oxycontin legally and they wouldn't have to pass to get a transplant…plus cannabis is less damaging to the vital organs than all of the synthetic big pharma meds.

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    DenseNugs said on Jul 20, 2012

    This could turn out to be huge, in a good way.

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    Kush_Gamer said on Jul 20, 2012

    That o k i guess, but we have abuse problems?

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    Elvers said on Jul 21, 2012

    hay guy's a spade is a spade! there not going to give us a transplant when we need it because it's their rule. they just watered it down read between the lines.pass one test give me a break I have seizures going on bull shit.!!!!!

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