Police Investigating Several Overnight Collective Break-ins in Colorado

 by lucy

Early Monday morning, four medical marijuana collectives and one dialysis facility were broken into in Colorado Springs, CO over the course of 3 hours.  The first alarm was tripped at 12:51 a.m. at Happy Buddha Wellness Center on Galley Road.

Total Health Care on Uintah Street was also broken into at approximately 2:30 a.m., and the cash register was taken.  No marijuana was stolen from that location.  Surveillance video showed multiple men in the facility.

The other stores that were broken into were Rocky Mountain Miracles and We Grow Colorado on E. Bijou Street, and Liberty Dialysis on Airport Road.  Police did not disclose what, if anything, was taken from these locations.

All 5 locations are in an approximately 5 mile radius of one another.  Police are looking for anyone who may have information about the burglaries.  Tips can be provided to Colorado Springs police by calling 444-7000.


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    shayan4040 said on Mar 6, 2012

    …seems more like a message is try’n to be sent

  2. 0

    roadkill said on Mar 6, 2012

    yea an its a bullshit one. why can the ropb a liquer store .

    • 0

      shayan4040 said on Mar 6, 2012

      “they” seem more intent on spreading the reputation that these type of business(es) bring in crime,more than just theft….I’m sure there where easier places to break into,Why all the same type of business?Its someones agenda.

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    DBUDZZ said on Mar 6, 2012

    Obv the cops anyone in there right mind would atleast pack a bowl

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    dieselhaze said on Mar 6, 2012

    they have some anti-marijuana sentiments

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