Pro-Marijuana Attorney General Elected in Oregon

 by lucy

Medical marijuana supporter Ellen Rosenblum has been elected Oregon Attorney General.  Her victory of anti-marijuana candidate Dwight Holton has marijuana activists breathing a sigh of relief, as her election will mean only positive change, or at the very worst no change, for the current medical marijuana landscape in Oregon.

ARTICLE: Medical Marijuana Viewpoints Separating Candidates in Oregon Attorney General Race

Marijuana activists invested a great deal of time, money, and energy toward Rosenblum’s campaign.  The newly elected Attorney General has started that she will make marijuana enforcement a low priority during her time in office.

Rosenblum, a Democrat, is a retired state judge.  The only Attorney General candidates in the race were Democrats.

The Attorney General is the highest level of attorney in the state, acting as a counselor or legal advisor to their state agencies.  They also have the power to enforce state and federal laws to the extent that they deem appropriate.


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    Elvers said on May 17, 2012

    attention all state's who are legal for the marijuana program should do what oregon did vote the person in that will back us up. not some chicken shit who's afraid of his own shadow

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