Rejected Medical Marijuana Growing Centers in DC File Civil Complaints

 by lucy

In Washington DC, five potential medical marijuana cultivation centers and collectives whose applications were rejected by a review panel are now filing civil complaints.  The owners feel as though their applications met or exceeded all of the required guidelines but were denied anyway, so they are asking the court to force the review panel to reconsider their applications.

In the District, all medical marijuana cultivation centers had to submit an application which was then scored on a rating system.  The scoring included criteria such as location, security, and growing ability.

At the end of March, six growing centers were selected by the review panel.  In Washington’s medical marijuana law, it was determined that there could be a total of 10 cultivation centers that would supply collectives, but the panel only selected 6 as qualifying applicants.

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A spokesman for the DC Office of the Attorney General explained of the cases that they all, “raise the same allegations, mainly that the scoring of their applications was inappropriate.”

One of the plantiffs is Dr. Michael D. Duplessie, who filed a civil complaint claiming that the scoring system has, “been done improperly and not in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.”  As a part of his suit, Dr. Duplessie wants his application to be reviewed by the health department panel under the supervision of an independent third party that will ensure fair grading.

Dr. Duplessie’s attorney filed “almost identical” complaints for another group that had cultivation center and dispensary applications denied by the panel.

Throughout the entire process of establishing the district’s medical marijuana program, the Health Department has tread very carefully to ensure that the program will avoid the setbacks that other states like California and Colorado have in recent months.  By June 25th, the panel is expected to have approved a total of 5 collectives that will open and be supplied by the 6 cultivation centers that were approved at the end of March.



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