Representatives Looking to Cut Federal Funding for Medical Marijuana Crackdowns

 by lucy

Over the course of the past half year, federal officials have been strongly targeting California and Colorado medical marijuana collectives, forcing many to close their doors and changing the face of the medical marijuana industry throughout the country.

Now, some state Representatives are beginning to put their foot down when it comes to the crackdowns, and specifically when it comes down to the amount of money that the federal government has spent to close down medical marijuana shops.

The bipartisan effort is set to hit the floor of the House of Representatives this week.  The effort is being led by Representatives Sam Farr, Dana Rohrabacher, and Maurice Hinchey.  The three Representatives intend to present an amendment during debate on a bill that funds the Department of Justice that would prohibit the use of funds to stop states from implementing medical marijuana laws.

According to Farr, “It is time for the federal government to stop targeting the legal vendors that are providing safe access to this treatment, and instead focus limited resources on those who sell illicit drugs.  The amendment I will offer my colleagues will work to assure funds under the Department of Justice do not target the safe access to treatment patients need.”

Since the crackdowns began, over 200 collectives have been closed throughout the state of California.  The raids have been criticized by many lawmakers, including Nancy Pelosi last week.



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    dallas said on May 8, 2012

    As always… the feds going after state legal operations is like a boon in their camp.

    Obama will tout the amount of medicine (term it drugs) and donations (termed "illegal money") along with the ability to be "ultra detectives" in finding the sources (ads in papers & weed finder sites like as a show of his "not soft on crime".

    He IS soft on crime… just not on state illegal crime.

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