SF Department of Health Wants Collectives to Stop Selling Concentrates, Edibles

 by lucy

The San Francisco Department of Health has proposed a new set of rules pertaining to medical marijuana collectives in the city.  Among the rules are bans on concentrates such as hash and kief, edibles infused with marijuana, oils, and tinctures.

The Department of Health is responsible for regulating san Francisco’s collectives.  In a memo sent to a number of collectives from the DPH titled,”Medical Cannabis Edibles Advisory,” it was recommended that collectives “do not produce or dispense syrups, capsules, or other extracts that either required concentrating cannabis active ingredients or that requires a chemical production process.”

While no official ban has been enacted, the fact that the DPH is questioning the sale and use of edibles and concentrates could prove to be problematic for both collective owners and patients alike.  Should edibles or concentrates be banned in the future, it could impact the lives of patients who require the strength of concentrates or the ability to consume cannabis without smoking it that edibles and tinctures provide.

The memo addressed both concentrates and edibles, but edibles seemed to be the primary area of focus for the DPH.  They wrote, “To avoid potential hazards associated with edibles, pending the development of a statewide reggulatory approach, the Department recommends medical cannabis and collectives limit the production of medical cannabis edibles to non-hazardous foods, such as baked goods, candies, and teas.”  They also recommended that collectives, “clearly label all medical cannabis  cannabis edibles,” and “be able to trace all medical cannabis edibles to their source constituents.”

The memo did not list any penalties, making collective owners unsure of whether they could eventually encounter negative consequences for selling the aforementioned products.  Collective owners are also concerned that selling the products may make them “look bad” in front of federal law enforcement officials.

It’s unclear exactly what sparked the distribution of the memo, though there have been incidents involving concentrates recently in the San Francisco area.  A man making homemade concentrates caused an explosion in South Lake Tahoe, and a cancer patient was recently kicked out of the hospital for vaporizing medical marijuana concentrates.




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    jibsnmoney said on Mar 20, 2012

    Here in Colorado I only by batch regulated and tested hash and edibles all made in places upto healthcode as it should be because its medicine. And we need to take more responsibility as a community to make sure everything we use is safe and regulated so we can all properly benefit

  2. 0

    skinnykev said on Mar 21, 2012

    its just so that they can eventually start selling sativex…fuck the pharms

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