Slow Start for Patient Registrations in New Jersey

 by lucy

New Jersey’s medical marijuana patient registration system was opened on August 9, and since then patients have slowly started to apply for their registration cards.

So far, 50 patients have been deemed eligible by doctors, while 21 patients have started the registration process.

The number of applicants is low, but New Jersey officials are not surprised.  Comparatively, over 700 people applied to use medical marijuana in the first week after Arizona opened patient registration.

According to the Coalition for Medical Marijuana of New Jersey, patients are not immediately taking to the program because its list of conditions are restrictive, the prices are too high, too few doctors are allowed to recommend marijuana to patients, and collectives have not even opened their doors yet.

Despite the low number of sign-ups, the state’s medical marijuana website has seen increasing traffic, with thousands of visitors in the past week.

The state’s first medical marijuana collective, Greenleaf Compassion Center, is expected to open in September in the city of Montclair.  So far, only one other dispensary has secured a location for their shop.  There will be six total collectives in the state.



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    Unza said on Aug 18, 2012

    I live in this wretched state. I hope Governor Christie never needs mmj (or one of his loved ones). I'm 62 and because of the restrictions I won't even bother. You have to go to one of the Drs. on their list and have one ONE YEAR relationship with said Dr.!!! Gimme a break. I will live in pain the rest of my days and will continue to get what I need through any means necessary. I have been lucky because as a community, mj users are kind (it was the same way back in the 60s) and that is the situation most of us (who really, really need mmj) are in. Funny, I never thought I would wind up in this situation and I surely hope it gets better before more ppl are in my shoes.

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    TheUndead said on Aug 20, 2012

    Damn that's shitty I really am worried what it's gonna be like when its legalized in NY. They are supposed to have even stricter guidelines if it does become legalized.

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