Supreme Court Rules All Michigan MMJ Patients Protected by Law

 by lucy

On Thursday, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the state’s medical marijuana program protects all patients, whether registered cardholders or not, against prosecution.

The court said that the law expressed the voters’ “intent to permit both registered and unregistered patients to assert medical reasons for using marijuana as a defense to any prosecution involving marijuana.”

Medical marijuana advocates are seeing this as a clear cut victory for patients’ rights, but not everyone is pleased with it.  Spokeswoman for state Attorney General Bill Schuette, Joy Yearout, was sure to make it clear that that the ruling “does not legalize marijuana broadly.”

After the ruling, all medical marijuana users are still required to have a doctor’s recommendation before using medical marijuana, they are just not necessarily required to be registered cardholders.  Whether a patient has registered with the Michigan Department of Health or not, they are allowed to possess and use medical marijuana, as long as a doctor has recommended that they do so.

There are  currently a number of marijuana cases pending in the state, including ones addressing whether patient to patient sales are legal and whether dispensaries can legally operate in the state.  Last year, after AG Schuette issued a statement that dispensaries were not permitted, most of the shops closed their doors.

Yesterday’s ruling sends a clear message to patients, lawmakers, and Michigan residents that medical marijuana is legal and that patients are protected by law.



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    Mike-420 said on Jun 1, 2012

    This is the greatest news possible!!!!

    Now the courts have the HUGE burden of proving your not a medical user or you dont have a medical need for it.. Which is a huge burden on their shoulders.. this is gonna cut marijuana prosacutions in michigan down a HUGE ammount OMG this is just beyond fantastic news. This should also help michigans economy now that law enforcement can get told by the DA office to back the fuck off since they dont wanna deal with these kinda case lol

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    Felessen said on Jun 1, 2012

    I'm with you Mike, I'm not from Michigan, but this IS good news, for those that reside there.

  3. 0

    fuzzybonz said on Jun 2, 2012

    very good news indeed. Dr rec cost $250 St fee $100= $350 save a $100 go cardless. lol
    non-licensed growers get $60 an 1/8. even brick weed gets $60 an 1/8. legal gowers $160 to $200 a lid. not many growers around here. some rush their product to market and end up with poor flush and a quick cure.

  4. 1

    said on Jun 3, 2012

    Awesome news, as a Michigan patient this is great news

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    patient said on Jun 3, 2012

    Thank you nuggetry for posting this story in the daily dank today!
    As a Michigan patient this supreme court decision has impacted me and everyone I know greatly. I'm happy to see Michigan finally head in the right direction for mmj!

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    irie_mountain_rx said on Jun 3, 2012

    good to here MMJ is making some progress in other states….

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    dallas said on Jun 4, 2012

    I'm hoping that as the CA supreme courts go to look at this issue that they see they are falling behind other states in being progressive on the issue of MMJ and the ability to provide safe access to patients within the state.

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