Tecumseh, MI City Council Extends Medical Marijuana Ban

 by lucy

For the fifth time, the Michigan city of Tecumseh has extended a temporary moratorium.  The moratorium on collectives, which will last until October 19th, temporarily bans medical marijuana collectives from operating in the city.

The Tecumseh Planning Commission is continuing talks of a potential ordinance that would dictate the location and rules of operation for dispensaries, but not ban them outright.  The ultimate goal of the ordinance would be to allow compliance with Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act while also protecting the health, welfare, and safety of the city’s citizens.

Brad Raymond, Building Department Director, explained, “Due to pending court cases and our discussion with Scott Baker [city attorney], the planning commission recommends that we’d be better off to extend the moratorium pending the outcome of those cases.”

The city council, understanding the fluidity of the current medical marijuana situation on both a state and federal level, worried that they would have to make changes to an ordinance as soon as they put it into place.  Their hope is that they can see the outcomes of pending court cases before making a final determination on the guidelines of their ordinance.

City Manager Kevin Welch stated, “I don’t think we’re unique in doing this.   The moratorium doesn’t place restriction on patient rights, just the sale and dispensing of the medical marijuana.”



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    irie_mountain_rx said on Mar 13, 2012

    thats sounds pretty outragous to me theyre pretty much denieing these people of there quality and legal meds ftg.

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