Two Medical Marijuana Recommendation Clinics Plan to Open in Massachusetts

 by lucy

Massachusetts’ medical marijuana law goes into effect in early January, and members of the MMJ community from other states are planning on being a part of the state’s new industry.

CannaMed and Integr8, medical marijuana business that provide doctor recommendations to patients in California and Maine respectively, plan to open two locations in Massachusetts– one in Cambridge and one in Framingham.

In order to be eligible to possess and use medical marijuana, Massachusetts patients must be verified by a physician to have one of the state’s qualifying debilitating illnesses.

Many general physicians do not want to recommend medical marijuana, due to the drug’s illegal status under federal law.  That is where companies like CannaMed and Integr8 come in.

CannaMed regional manager Richard Tav explained of the decision to expand to the east coast, “We’ve been planning this for quite a while.”

CannaMed charges $199 for a recommendation.  It is the oldest medical marijuana consultation business in Thousand Oaks, CA, having been established in 2004.  Integr8 is more expensive, charging $300 for new patient visits.

As the January start-date approaches, it is certain that more and more businesses will be opening to help serve patients who want to be a part of Massachusetts’ medical marijuana program.  Since both Integr8 and CannaMed already have experience in the field and positive track records of compliance with state laws, hopefully they will provide a positive example for others looking to open consultation centers in the future.


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    spkavyo said on Dec 3, 2012

    What a rip off! It costs $60.00 here in Colorado to see the doctor and get all the paperwork for the state. The state charges $35.00 for your Red Card. So for $95.00 you are good to go for another year. It used to cost more for the Red Card, but the state reduced the cost once the program really got rolling. Medical marijuana sells for $125.00 to $200.00 and ounce at most dispensaries. All ya gotta do is check Weedmaps or Craigslist and find out who's got the goods you want at the price you can afford.

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    MACVISHION said on Dec 4, 2012

    Under $50 in california

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    J_DaBs17 said on Dec 5, 2012

    this is dope but it sucks that we are gonna be paying a minimum of $200.00 just to get started when the west coast is paying less the $100.00. we need to figure this out or i'm gonna be broke as fuck in january

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    MedMMJLove said on Dec 19, 2013

    FYI: Integr8 Massachusetts charges $200 and you get Osteopathic treatments, Free Acupuncture, and discounts on vaporizers and supplements!

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