Update: Illinois Delays Medical Marijuana Vote

 by lucy

Yesterday, the Illinois House was supposed to vote on House Bill 30, a medical marijuana legalization bill.  However, the Illinois General Assembly put off the vote.

Bill sponsor Lou Lang did not request a vote because he was not confident he had the support he needed for the bill to pass.  He had predicted on Tuesday that he was very close to the 60 votes he needed, but knew that the vote could go either way.

Lang decided to postpone the vote to try to garner more support to ensure the bill would not fail.  Lang said that he may try to initiate the vote when the Illinois legislature meets in early December.

Illinois’ proposed medical marijuana program would be the most restrictive in the country, but some lawmakers in the state are opposed to MMJ legalization because they believe marijuana is a “gateway drug” that will negatively impact youths throughout the state.  Other lawmakers worry about the federal repercussions the state may face as a result of legalizing the medical use of a Schedule I substance.

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    Elvers said on Nov 30, 2012

    chicken shits don't even pay attention to the voters,'they should be put out of office.!! the next election vote them out of office and hurt their pocket books they seem to understand that one. if they don't somethings wrong up stairs with there brains not getting the message.!!!

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    fromOHtoIO said on Nov 30, 2012

    its only a gateway drug if it is sold in the same black market as dangerous lethal drugs. At a dispensery they only sell cannabis so how could it lead to a gateway effect if a person can legally obtain that controlled substance and that substance only… its nonsense

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    ensignharry said on Dec 1, 2012

    the gateway drug argument has been disproven soo many times and is played out. Vote them out and write compliant letters till the old losers go away. Listen to the people

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    bakd_balla said on Dec 4, 2012

    I am gonna vote these ass holes out next chance I can. Illinois needs MMJ.

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