UPDATE: SF Department of Health Rescinds Memo Asking Collectives to Stop Selling Concentrates and Edibles

 by lucy

Yesterday, NUGGETRY News reported that the San Francisco Department of Health had issued a memo to some collective owners in the city, recommending that they stop selling cannabis concentrates and cannabis-infused edibles in their shops.  However, they rescinded that memo yesterday afternoon.

ARTICLE: SF Department of Health Wants Collectives to Stop Selling Concentrates, Edibles

According to Stephanie Tucker, spokeswoman for the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Task Force, the decision to rescind the memo was made in a meeting between collective owners, activists, and members of the DPH.




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    dayzaway99 said on Mar 21, 2012

    YEAH! take that shit back

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    Chubbs said on Mar 22, 2012

    Good job San Fran. Nice to see some common sense being used in this crazy game we play.

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    pfcup said on Dec 2, 2012

    Dear Medical Cannabis Patients, & TRUE ADVOCATES,
    the article below was CENSORED BY BAYTIMES, a local San Francisco newspaper that is read largely, by the LGBTQ community, as it reports on many important local issues as well as international LGBTQ newsbits. So why would it CENSOR such an important article that would update & inform the Medical Cannabis Patients of their community, that largely in
    cludes the homeless & low income, of the current state of their own "Sanctuary City"'s rights on Medical Cannabis, and be deterred from reading about the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board to San Francisco's equivelent of other city counsels, The Board of Supervisors need for local community support? Unfortunately folks, BAYTIMES has also disappointingly SOLD OUT the San Francisco locals by REPORTING WITH PREJUDICE TO THE LOCAL DISABLED, VETERAN, POOR, DISADVANTAGED, & INDIGENOUS RESIDENTS OF SAN FRANCISCO.
    Read for yourself, what THEY did not want YOU to READ…….

    SF Medical Cannabis Task Force Seeks Reinstating

    The SF Medical Cannabis Task Force is an advisory body created by the Board of Supervisors on May 6, 2010 to help them revise our medical marijuana laws with combined input from local low income patients, growers, city-permitted cooperatives, doctors and neighbors. It will sunset at the end of the year. The body is empowered to hold public meetings, to review medical cannabis laws – and make recommendations for changes – and to resolve conflicts and disputes within the medical cannabis community, or with neighborhood groups. At its last meeting, the 15 member Task Force was one shy of quorum, but Task Force members and the public attending agreed that the reinstating of the organization was a shared goal.

    "We were unable to move our amends to law due to federal crackdown," stated Shona Gochenaur, patient advocate with a seat on the Task Force board, presently serving as MCTF chair. "Currently our legal committee is finalizing an impact report regarding our federally displaced compassion-based collectives, with an emphasis of working with the City to restore these collectives and valued patient services." She said their "work for patients in our sanctuary city is far from done."

    MCTF member Stewart Rhoads added, "If MCTF is not reinstated, we will only have the business lobby influence in City Hall; so the patients, growers, doctors and neighbors will be a muted influence." The next meeting is Dec. 3, 1pm, room 421.

    Story by Dennis McMillan

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