Yet Another Medical Marijuana Measure Proposed for the Los Angeles Ballot

 by lucy

Los Angeles has long struggled to come up with a viable solution for how to manage the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.  Now it seems they have too many options.

Two measures have already been proposed for the Los Angeles ballot for the May election, and now another is joining them.  Each of the measures aims to let marijuana dispensaries stay open in the city, but they all have different small details that could make or break their approval.

This could become confusing for voters, who will be forced to sift through the nuance between extremely similar proposals.  Having so many measures on the same topic could also split voters, leading any of the measures to not garner much support because voters are too divided.

The newest option for voters has been proposed by a number of City Council members who believe that Los Angeles needs strict regulations on medical marijuana collectives.  The council-backed measure would likely require collectives to remain 1,000 feet apart and include an increase in the tax on medical marijuana.

The city council will vote on Wednesday to determine whether they want this measure to appear on the ballot.

The other two measures were added to the ballot by petitioning and signature collecting.  The first would allow all marijuana shops that opened before the city’s 2007 moratorium to remain open, which would reduce marijuana dispensaries to approximately 100.  The second would allow all collectives that meet certain guidelines, such as limited hours and being more than 1,000 feet from schools, to remain in operation.  The second measure would also raise taxes on medical marijuana sales.




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    Dillinger said on Jan 15, 2013

    When will they give up, we the people who use Marijauna are not going to stop doing what we are doing! Things in our culture are only going to get easier not harder. More and more people are joining us. The gov is fighting a loosing battle. Pisses me off how much cash is spent fighting us, they can not stop us!

  2. 1

    Bubbles117 said on Jan 15, 2013

    Hey Government, your job is to take tax and build roads and crap otherwise stay out of our lives stop throwing people in jail because they like a joint not a drink its none of the governments biz so rack off!!!

  3. 0

    eddie273273 said on Jan 16, 2013

    I don't understand why do they want dispensaries 1000 feet apart . Do they think that if there is enough cannabis in one place that it will blow up or better yet some how come alive and tear through the city like Godzilla ?
    There is only one cure for political stupidity and that is your vote .

  4. 0

    GGLynzee said on Jan 16, 2013

    Keep fighting a losing battle that you DONT HAVE THE $$$$ to fight. Better yet u would rather the cartels have the business?? SMDH

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