Almost 250 lbs of Marijuana Found in Wyoming

 by lucy

242 pounds of marijuana were seized from a truck in Wyoming after a traffic stop by police.  The truck was hauling two cars, but one of the cars was not listed on the truck’s shipping records.

This discrepancy led police to further inspect the truck, wherethey found a total of 242 lbs of marijuana stored in the two cars– 102 pounds in one, and 139 pounds in another.

According to Wyoming High Patrol, the marijuana is worth approximately $1.7 million.  They suspect that the shipment was going to Detroit from a source in California.

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    dieselkush said on Feb 16, 2012


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    Chronic said on Feb 16, 2012


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    BlazinAlberts said on Feb 18, 2012

    bad news indeed

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    rockmanalways said on Feb 19, 2012

    so how much was in the REAL shipment….lol….peace and pot!!!

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    420PoPz said on Feb 26, 2012

    ahhhhhh ahuuummm…
    $7,024.00 per pound on a 250lb lot is kinda pricey…even on a bust no?
    Geese Wyoming, $440.00 a z? really??
    c’Mon $500,000.00 maybe

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