Babies Testing False-Positive for Marijuana, Soaps Are to Blame

 by lucy

Recently, hospitals have noticed that a record number of babies are testing positive for having THC in their systems.  However, it seems as though it is baby bath soap, not marijuana, that is to blame for the false-positive tests.

The journal Clinical Biochemistry has released information that shows that baby soaps, shampoos, and washes are contaminating the urine in some babies’ drug tests.  While the soaps themselves do not have marijuana in the formula, there is something in the soap that is causing a false-positive test result.

Very small amounts of the soaps, even .1 milliters or less, were shown to cause the false-positive THC results in urine tests.

Now that this has been discovered, it is important that hospitals conduct blood-based drug screenings for babies, as urine tests have been shown to be inaccurate at times.

Drug screenings for babies are common when a mother has a history of drug use.  The tests are done to ensure that the mother is being responsible and did not put the baby at harm during or shortly after the pregnancy.  The false-positives could lead to babies being wrongfully taken from their parents by the Department of Child Services.  So far, no cases of a child being taken away as a result of a false-positive due to baby oap has been reported.

Soaps that were shown to produce false-positive THC results were Aveno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash, Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo, CVS Night-Time Baby Bath, and Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime Bath.  However, many other products could lead to the same problem during testing.

CVS told Fox News that, “CVS Night-Time Baby Bath does not contain THC.  This is an issue with the type of testing being used, not our product.”



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  1. 1

    420smoke said on Jun 21, 2012

    now I know what to blame if I ever get caught up =P

  2. 0

    Mike-420 said on Jun 22, 2012

    But your honor .. It was soap!!!

    yeah i can see that going over well :P

  3. 1

    spellcheck said on Jun 22, 2012

    why are we testing babies for thc? cause moms a crackhead? cause if she just uses cannabis, then no one should be giving her baby extra tests. i mean how would you know the stoner mom from the coffee mom?

  4. 0

    TheUndead said on Jun 22, 2012

    I'm sure at a hospital they use professional drug tests meaning that it tests for everything… So therefore when it will test for THC and every other drug.

    • 0

      lucy said on Jun 22, 2012

      @TheUndead — exactly. The tests aren't done on every single baby that's born, but instead on babies from "high risk" mothers. High risk mothers are labeled as women who have a history of drug abuse, or failed to get prenatal care during their pregnancy. Unfortunately there is no set formula, so things like race, where they're from, etc undeniably get factored into it. One study found that babies born to black moms were 50% more likely to be drug tested than white moms even though drug use rates were the same among both groups. Pretty sad. And pretty sad to think that kids could be "testing positive" for THC just because of the baby soaps that the hospital uses!

    • 0

      spellcheck said on Jun 23, 2012

      "professional drug tests"
      i worked at a huge hospital in a major city for 4 years.
      every hospital in north america uses one of two companies tests.
      they both do not have a "full panel" like you see on tv.
      there are selective tests for each substance you are testing for.
      that is how the"pro" tests work.
      you do the math.

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