Boxer Chavez Jr. Tests Positive for Marijuana

 by lucy

On Saturday, boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. lost his first career match to opponent Sergio Martinez.  The boxer faced a bigger blow, however, when he tested positive for marijuana on Wednesday.  Chavez now has to explain himself to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Top Rank Boxing’s Chairman Bob Arum plans to argue to the Nevada commission on Chavez’s behalf as well because the boxer was apparently using the drug to aid with insomnia.  Additionally, Arum is pushing for marijuana use to never be cause for fining or suspending athletes, because he believes it is not a performance enhancing drug.

Arum explained his stance to the Los Angeles Times, adding that he believes the Commission will do the right thing in Chavez’s case.  “You certainly worry about the repercussions,” he stated, “but we have a great commission in Nevada that understands what the social issues are.  As far as I’m concerned, marijuana should be legal and you can quote me on that.”

Chavez previously tested positive for Furosemide, which is most commonly taken to shed water weight or hide steroid use.  Since this marijuana PED offense is his second in Nevada, Chavez could be suspended for a year and lose up to $3 million– his entire purse.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission did not provide any additional information, explaining that they were waiting to receive the results of all performance enhancing drug tests from this weekend before making any announcements.



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    SamsonSimpson said on Sep 20, 2012

    Wow I really hate how mmj is frowned upon in pro sports. But come on! Is it really worth it to smoke when you have 3 million and all those sponsorships riding on your actions? I'm sorry but I feel no sympathy. It was a completely avoidable situation.

  2. 3

    Chubbs said on Sep 20, 2012

    I agree with you Samson. Sometimes you just gotta pass the joint to the next guy cause $3mil is A LOT of money.

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    Oilhead420 said on Sep 20, 2012

    Maybe he feels with what he does he should be able to just sit down at the end of the day and smoke a joint. Who knows he may not like alcohol, and we all know it works for insomnia, I suffer from it and believe me, you will do almost anything to get a little sleep, and most of the things prescribed for that have weird and horrible side effects, like not remembering what you do the next day and sleep walking, ect. I think it's cool to actually see someone in sports stand up for it and say it shouldn't be punishable, because it shouldn't.

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      SamsonSimpson said on Sep 20, 2012

      Dont get me wrong, I totally agree with people having the right now chose what to put into their body. But this guy is under a contract that probably states what he can and cannot do/say/wear/eat. As long as he is under a contract then he should have to abide by the rules of said contract, no exceptions. There are thousands of other athletes that respect their contract and this guy should be no different.

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    hitmanace said on Sep 20, 2012

    if you guys remember what happened to Nick Diaz and the NSAC, he tested positive for Thc metaboilite and he got suspended and had to pay back a percent of his purse. Same thing will be applied here. There are ways to getting an exception to use medical marijuana. If you didnt watch his case or hear it then let me tell you these guys dont go lightly on Marijuana such as these guys think.

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    said on Sep 21, 2012

    Meanwhile he's free to get drunk as fuck….but since he's a high caliper athlete I'm sure hes pretty over that shit. Just legalize it already!

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    dayzaway99 said on Sep 22, 2012

    yeah i believe its as performance enhancing as taking tylenol would be for him. He lost the fight anyways he was very sluggish. But proved he has the heart of a lion, knocking down his opponent in the final round, however the other guy got back up and the fight ended. If you want to see a real stoner fighter that actually wins, You Tube Nick diaz vs Takanori Gomi It will be the best fight you ever seen and you will be in tears by the end of it.

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