Government Survey Shows More Teens Smoke Marijuana than Cigarettes

 by lucy

Data from the 2011 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) was released yesterday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The survey is conducted every 2 years and is designed to monitor the changes in behaviors among high school students.  The teenagers are asked questions to gauge risky behaviors such as tobacco use, alcohol use, sexual behaviors, and health risk behaviors such as seat belt use. This information is then used to assess the risks facing teens at a local, state, and national level.

The 2011 survey showed that  cigarette usage dropped only 1% from 2009 to 2011, but current marijuana usage increased 2% from 2009 to 2011.  18% of teens surveyed admitted to using cigarettes, while 23% of teenagers admitted to using marijuana.

Since the survey began in 1999, marijuana use among teens has dropped from 27% to 23%.




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    Bobbyjoe42 said on Jun 8, 2012

    Cigarettes are for hillbillys

  2. 0

    fredec96 said on Jun 8, 2012

    Weed is so much easier to get the cigarettes for under aged kids. At my boarding school i could walk 3 doors down and buy and 8th when ever i wanted. But if i wanted to get some cigarettes it would take at least a day or two, and alcohol would take like a week if you knew the right people. Its a lot harder for under aged kids to get things that are regulated than non regulated things like weed. People think they are keeping it out of kids hands by keeping it illegal but the fact is a black market drug dealer doesn't care if your 12 years old, a pharmacy will and could keep it out of some of the wrong hands, obviously under aged kids would still get it but it would be much harder. And making it legal wouldn't change much, other than reduce crime rates. People are going to get not matter what.

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    dallas said on Jun 8, 2012

    My first impulse was to say "yay"… and then I realized that it's no bueno.

  4. 0

    ensignharry said on Jun 20, 2012

    Dallas you rock man such a bad ass!! :)

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