New Poll Shows 55% of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization

 by lucy

A new CNN/ORC International poll released Monday shows that 55% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana.  Only 44% opposed it.

Marijuana had the largest amount of support from individuals age 18 to 34, with 67% in favor of legalization.  For those 35 to 49 years old, 64% were in favor of legalizing marijuana.

The survey also showed that 50% of Americans believe marijuana to be addictive, but only 35% of those surveyed thought smoking marijuana to be morally wrong.

Of those polled, 52% had tried marijuana.

The poll was conducted by CNN and ORC between January 3-5.  1,010 adilts were interviewed.



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    pyrodel said on Jan 9, 2014

    I never see polls where my age bracket is included. I'm 56 years old and starting burning in '73.
    Of all my friends, if they don't burn they at least think it should be legal. With my activities I was able to work 31 years and retire with a pension. A word that will no longer exist in the future. BTW, it sure is easy to get an old man drooling looking at Nugg pics. I'm great at rolling 1 paper Zigs, any jobs out there?

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    GySgtSam said on Apr 18, 2015

    I would like to see that if you have a card in one state you can go to another state and use it the same way you did in your state.

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