Oakland Police Raid Illegal Marijuana Growing Operation

 by lucy

Police in Oakland, CA conducted a raid at an illegal marijuana growing operation overnight as part of an ongoing investigation.  The investigation was sparked when police and witnesses noticed suspicious activity taking place around the warehouse.

This raid was one of the city’s largest ever marijuana seizures, with police removing 50 lbs of processed marijuana and 2,500 marijuana plants from the facility located in East Oakland.  In addition to the marijuana, police found two suits of body armor, guns, and $40,000 cash.

Currently, at least 6 people have been arrested in connection to the raid, and police have said that others may have been detained as well.

The raid began at 9 PM on Wednesday, with both SWAT and Police officers entering the building.  They used flash bang grenades to gain entry into the location.

The warehouse was divided into a number of growing rooms and drying rooms.  There was also a large amount of lighting, ventilation, and other cultivation tools.

According to police, the growing operation is not a city-sanctioned location.



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