Almost 12,000 Marijuana Plants Discovered in California National Forest

 by lucy

Last week, 11,857 marijuana plants were seized by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office from the Los Padres National Forest.  In addition to the plants, thirty-eight pounds of processed marijuana were also discovered.

Officials are estimating that the plants are worth almost $30 million.   The processed marijuana is worth an estimated $95,000.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department partnered with the Campaign Against Marijuana Production task force as well as the National Forest Service over the course of several days.

They followed leads to a number of growing sites.  Aside from the marijuana, officials discovered weapons, chemicals, tents, trash, and evidence of illegal poaching.

Mexican nationals are thought to be responsible for the illegal growing operations, but so far no arrests have been made.



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  1. 2

    Mike-420 said on Aug 17, 2012

    Mexicos motto.. Go big or go home! :P

  2. 2

    BlazinAlberts said on Aug 17, 2012

    Whatever is wrong with trees in the forest

  3. 1

    Oilhead420 said on Aug 17, 2012

    Did they really think they were gonna crop that?

  4. 6

    hitmanace said on Aug 17, 2012

    "Officials are estimating that the plants are worth almost $30 million" so just in this one area of California there us enough money in plants alone to put a dent in any states deficit budget.

  5. 1

    said on Aug 18, 2012

    i bet it was super bomb

  6. 1

    Dr_Cannabis said on Aug 20, 2012

    @hitmanace don't you just love the justice system/war on drugs. If it was all taxed and legal it would be California's cash crop. But instead we are locking people up for possession in some places and confiscating plants. Makes no sense to people with brain function.

  7. 1

    Unza said on Aug 21, 2012



  8. 1

    said on Sep 13, 2012


  9. 1

    klubian said on Oct 4, 2012

    dang that sucks for santa barbra… lotta wasted ….

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