California Concentrate Blast Injures Two

 by lucy

Just before noon on Friday, police and firefighters were called to a condo complex at 1722 Mitchell Avenue in Tustin, Ca. after reports of an explosion in a garage.

According to Tustin police, officers found several cans of butane, 10 to 15 pounds of marijuana, and paraphernalia associated with concentrate extraction.

Tustin Police Lt. Paul Garaven said, “It looks like they were trying to concentrate some of the marijuana oils out of the leaf.”

Two people were transported to UCI Medical Center in critical condition.  According to police, the two men received “considerable, but non-life threatening” injuries.

No one else was hurt in the blast.  Two nearby garages were damaged.



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    Mrthc_420 said on Jul 6, 2013


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    Lukaroast said on Jul 6, 2013


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    BoroPhile said on Jul 6, 2013

    Can't be long now before butane is illegal or heavily regulated because of people like these.

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    CRONICelt said on Jul 7, 2013

    God Damn makes me think of all the videos on you tube of people blasting inside. Even if its just 10 ounces of butane. Having an appropriate lab or just being the fuck outside is how you don't get sent to the hospital.

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    Oilhead420 said on Jul 7, 2013

    Because we all have appropriate labs…The problem is instead of just buying it, or doing some proper research, people think its as easy as packing, spraying and let boil off. These people aren't experienced and usually learned from a you tube video and a little forum reading, the problem with that is there is nobody to tell you not to do this, or you did that wrong. Unfortunately it usually ends with wasted product, and occasionally worse like this case, you get an explosion, people hurt and a worse name for the drug. Thanks noobs, if butane becomes watched it will be because of people like this and its avoidable.

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    GGLynzee said on Jul 8, 2013

    Butane will be regulated like pseudo ephedrine for the meth makers. Why anyone would do this in an ENCLOSED space is beyond me. Idiots. Thx. Cali is already a MMJ MESS!!!!!

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