Marijuana Extraction Causes Anaheim Fire

 by lucy

On Saturday evening, a fire broke out in an Anaheim, California apartment complex while an individual was extracting marijuana concentrates, which led to an explosion.

Stephen Toshiyuka, 23, lives in the apartment.  He was arrested on suspicion of narcotics-related violations.  He was booked in the Anaheim Detention Facility.

The fire was reported in a fourth-floor apartment at 10 p.m. Saturday at the Gateway Apartments, said Maria Sabol, a spokeswoman for the Anaheim Fire Department. Witnesses reported that it appeared to be an explosion. The fire triggered the sprinkler system.

One resident told the press that he saw a fireball and heard an explosion.  “I literally sprinted to the top level with another guy, and when we got there, there was a female and a male, they already had gone in and they took the fire extinguishers, and they put the fire out on the terrace, and I went right to make sure things were doing OK,” said Dave Simon, a resident in the apartment complex.

Simon said that, once inside the apartment, he saw drugs and firearms.

By the time firefighters had arrived, the fire had already been put out.  No one was injured in the blast and fire, but apartments were damaged by water from sprinkler systems that were set off.  Four residents had to leave their homes for the night.



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  1. 4

    Elvers said on Apr 1, 2013

    dumb shit should not have done it. it gives every body a bad name, some times who smokes

  2. 1

    dabs710 said on Apr 2, 2013

    Another idiot blasting indoors…

  3. 0

    Jawsh said on Apr 8, 2013

    What a Dummy! cool none injured thou

  4. 0

    dayzaway99 said on Apr 11, 2013

    yeah thats why theres no more dispensaries allowed in anaheim.

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