Marijuana Supporters in Costa Mesa Trying to Get Collective Initiative on November Ballot

 by lucy

In Costa Mesa, California, supporters of medical marijuana are working to get an initiative on the November ballot that would legalize collectives throughout the city.

The Orange County Cannabis Alliance worked with medical marijuana advocates to collect almost 6,800 signatures in support of putting the initiative to a vote of the people.  They needed only 5,812 signatures to secure a place on the ballot, but gathered an additional 1,000 to be safe.  To get an initiative on the ballot in Costa Mesa, you must show that you have the support of 10% of registered voters in the city.

On Wednesday, supporters turned those signatures in to the city clerk.  During a news conference outside of city hall, former dispensary owner Robert Martinez said, “I’m super stoked to bring these signatures.  It’s imperative to provide safe access for veterans and cancer patients.”

Should the initiative be approved by voters, it would lift Costa Mesa’s ban on marijuana collectives and allow non-profit dispensaries to set up brick and mortar shops throughout the city.

Collectives would be prohibited from being located within 1,000 feet of schools.  Aside from this, there would be few limitations on collectives.  Dispensary owners would not have to obtain a business license, special site plan, or a variance.  Additionally, they could only be inspected by city officials once per year.

The deadline for submitting signatures to have an initiative put onto the November ballot is August 10th.  Supporters are confident that they will meet the minimum valid signature requirement.

Before medical marijuana storefronts were banned in Costa Mesa there were almost 40 collectives.  Earlier this year, Costa Mesa was targeted in a series of crackdowns.  Costa Mesa police have said that they target dispensaries who are violating the state’s Compassionate Use Act.  Feeling overwhelmed by the number of collectives in the city, City Attorney Tom Duarte reached out to federal officials asking for assistance with the closures.

Medical marijuana supporters hope that their signature gathering efforts will be enough and that they will have the support of fellow voters come November.


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    Snow said on Aug 2, 2012

    I hav to go to court tomorrow for possesion of a controlled substance (1oz or less) and paraphernalia which basically was.. I HAD UNDER A GRAM OF WEED AND A ONE HITTER! – All I was doing was enjoying the beautiful day snowboarding… at the end of the day when the mountain was closing started my drive home down the mountain and BAM police road block right in front of me.. Long story short police smelled marijuana in my vehicle.. upon being asked about it I didnt deny i had it and handed it over being i thought considering is was such a mi-nute amount it wouldnt be that sever but nope still was charged with the Above.. thats all i had but they still tore my vehicle inside out to try to find more and also i wasnt even medicated when I was pulled over… when it comes to Cannibis our Government is a total Fuckin Joke and something has to be changed SOON… I didnt do anything to no 1 or hurt any 1 and the cop was a total fucking dick.. Had to do all these sobriety test which i Fucking past with flying colors… but still got a $1100 ticket for the above charges + pretty much the same amount for a attorney – FOR WHAT A 1/2 a gram of weed and 1 hitter…. ITs a Free Country though RIGHT?? Huh? – This was in Utah a non-medical bull-shit state with bobo ass cops with nothin better to do than to harasse people and i was definitely not the only one being harassed and questioned that day- i guess they got to get paid somehow

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