Police Bust Marijuana Growing Operation in San Marcos

 by lucy

An illegal marijuana grow in San Marcos, CA was discovered by the San Diego County Narcotics Task Force on Monday.

Over 3,700 marijuana plants were found growing on a hillside above Cal State University San Marcos by a drug agent in a helicopter.

Lieutenant Hank Turner explained, “The color of marijuana reflecting from different angles looks different from natural foliage.”  Agents crawled and maneuvered up the steep, pathless, overgrown hill to reach the marijuana grow.

Thousands of plants were discovered, as well as an irrigation system that illegally tapped into nearby fire hydrants.

Agents believe that this and other grows found in the San Diego area are primarily funded by Mexican drug cartels.

Illegal marijuana grows like this not only help perpetuate drug trafficking, they also have the potential to seriously harm the environment due to the improper use and disposal of chemicals.

The grow’s close proximity to a neighborhood also had officials worried that a child may accidentally stumble across the marijuana when the growers are present, putting them in danger.

Between the months of June and October, the San Diego Narcotics Task Force tries to target and destroy illegal marijuana grows throughout the county.  According to agents, they will cut down hundreds of thousands of marijuana plants during this time period.



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    Kenobi said on Jul 25, 2012

    CSUSM is just around the corner from me.

  2. 1

    enjoi6791 said on Jul 25, 2012

    ^ should have gotten there first

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